Online Advertising

We can't say enough good things about banner ads and online marketing. There are many things you can do to advertise online, but do you have the social media and online presence to reach hundreds, thousands or millions or people? The World of Ink Network has over a 2 million reach online and through our social media networks. 

There is more to online advertising than posting on social media, securing reviews, guest blogging and other publicity methods. This is why we offer different methods to help you with your online marketing needs to help you reach a significant amount of readers with us doing all the legwork.

While no campaign will reach all 2 million plus eyeballs, you can rest assure our ads and marketing efforts will be seen by readers.


Targeted Facebook Ad - starting at $25

Yes, you can run your own Facebook AD, but do you have a reader base beyond your friends and family? WE DO! We have found when we place a Facebook AD through the World of Ink Network, we reach more people than the author or publisher on average. Let us help you by placing an ad on our Facebook pages and through our other social media sites. (Note: this service doesn't include web banner ad creation.)


WOI Banner Placement Ad - starting at $30

Advertise your book on the World of Ink Network radio show page. We have over 100,000 listeners monthly. Our shows are both live and available as podcasts so your banner will be seen for weeks, months and even years. (Note: this service doesn't include web banner ad creation.)

  • One Month Ad Placement - $30
  • Three Month Ad Placement - $80
  • Six Month Ad Placement - $120
  • A Full Year Ad Placement - $270


Web Banner Ad Creation - $50

This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web and/or blog page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website or book sales page of the advertiser. 

Banner ads are a great way to get the word out about your book. There are many ways you can use them, too. You simply have to decide which way is best for you and your needs, such as: 

  • Announcing a book giveaway
  • Create book buzz regarding an upcoming release
  • Spread the word about a limited time discount on your book
  • Promote a book signing or reading
  • Advertise a new website
  • Book tour

Please request the banner far enough in advance of your event so we can work together to incorporate any changes you'd like to the initial draft.


Web Banner Ad Creation with Online Sharing - $100

Have us create a custom web banner for your book or event, and we'll also share it on Facebook; along with our other social media sites. Your banner will also run for one month on the World of Ink Network radio page.


Author Mega AD - $1,000

If you have already begun promoting your book online, the chances are very good that you already have everything you need. 

What you get:

  • Post the first chapter of your book for reader review on WOI blogs - Includes your biography, author photo and links to your website, blog, social media for new traffic and SEO value
  • Personalized book banner, which can be used on all your social media
  • Press release writing and distribution service
  • 60 minute interview on World of Ink Network
  • WOI interview posted on YouTube channel
  • Facebook event page
  • Book banner on WOI blogtalkradio page
  • MP4 of WOI radio interview for your personal website and social media
  • Tweets and Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn posts with a reach of over 2 million
  • Book banner with link to Amazon sale page on WOI blog for a month
  • Book trailer on The World of Ink YouTube channel
  • Targeted ad placement on social media sites