Write the Book, Sell the Series: Give Your Fans More, Earn More

If you move people emotionally 

You make money. That is the going thought when it comes to writing a good book. When you write you want to impact people and get them involved with your characters.

The problem is, if you have only one book for them to read, then you have nowhere for them to go and they move on to the next good book. One way to stop this transfer of readers is to write a series of books using most of the same characters, if not all of them.

A series not only holds your readers to your stories, it also helps you make more money.

Tips on how to develop a series 

Developing a series shouldn’t be that difficult. You already developed the main character so adding a few different details and making another book is just an extension on what you have already done.

The hard work is over, for a while at least.

1. Don’t wait

If there is one thing about the public, it is that it has a short memory. Get the next book in the series out on the bookshelves as quickly as possible. This helps build up a loyal following

2. Create interesting characters

This includes minor characters as well. The more interesting they are the more interesting your book becomes. People won’t be able to wait to see what happens next to their favorites.

3. Spin offs help the series

When you have great supporting characters, you can always give them their own story line. The trick is, that not all supporting characters will make great heroes. They may make great villains

4. Don’t let the characters stagnate

In other words, don’t let their story grow stale. Leave unresolved issues for later novels to explore and solve. Also, let the characters grow throughout the pages of your story

5. Don’t over complicate your story

The old adage keep-it-simple-stupid pays off in writing a series. Keep difficult situations to a minimum. Do not create problems for yourself in later volumes of the series

Some final words 

The trend today is that book readers do not want to waste their time on one volume. They want to read a series or download an e-book series. Also, it may be easier and faster to write a series of books because your fictional world is fresh in your mind.

With a series on the market, you can meet your readers’ needs, develop your characters better and more deeply, as well as make more money at the same time. You may want to move people emotionally but you do not want to short your bank account either.