Meditation and Creativity in the Shower

When you love the written word, the world is your oyster. It comes in the form of fiction and non-fiction, both genres that abound in creativity and breadth. There isn’t anything you can’t fathom when you have books in your life. The life of a writer is a blessing indeed. I seek all the accolades of the profession, starting with this modest blog.

Join me in my passion for writing. Maybe I can stimulate the craft in my readers and help them succeed in getting published. I will offer tips on perfecting your style and ensuring good technical skills.  If not, I will just share my experiences for amusement and your pleasure.

My blog, “World of Ink”, is self-explanatory. Anything and everything pertaining to the written word goes, including the process of ideation and implementation. It will be a great ride with no holds barred. Hold on to your seats, you are about to enter a rip-roaring realm where anything is up for grabs.

Let’s start with brainstorming, a crucial element for writers. How and from where do you get your ideas? Do you need inspiration? It can come from anywhere in everyday life, even the shower. What, you say. Yes, during your morning rinse. It is a great time to ponder your next piece while you are getting ready for the workday. There are no distractions unless the hot water runs out. (Be sure to get a good tankless water heater to prevent this crisis.)

Ideas can pop into your head at any time, so don’t discount any time or place. Try my suggestion of making shower time a realm of inspiration. Here is where creativity meets technology. Great things can happen in a small tiled space. I hope yours is attractive and enticing like mine.

As you can imagine, I practice what I preach. I spent a lot of time reviewing the latest and best tankless water heater models before installing my unit when the old rusty tank died a tragic death, leaking water all around the basement. I wanted no surprises and got what I felt was a reliable work horse. If my writing depends on this appliance, I wanted it to be the best in the industry.

So far, it hasn’t failed me. I love to immerse myself in warmth and let my mind roam. Sometimes it gets stuck in trivia while often, it triggers something special. I rush out and grab my mouse and open a new Word document. This can be a problem if you have an appointment or other timely matter.

If I can, I pour out the words as I type and reread them later in the day. This is a hot tip for would-be writers. Never judge your text at the moment. Let it sit for a while and gel. You can edit later when you are more composed and less concerned about catching the morning commuter train.